For Tutors - How It Works

The first step is for you to register as a tutor and complete your
academic profile.
Your profile includes information such as your
qualifications, the subjects you are qualified to tutor, and your hourly rate.
You will be contacted by one of our administrative staff within 72 hours. online tutor will be marketing around the world. If you are a Canadian Resident tutor, register through the Canadian Registration Form. All other North American and International tutors must register through the North American/International Registration Form. acts as the agent for your relationship with the students you choose to work with. Your Tutor fees are paid directly to by the client through our secured and verified on-line payment program.

Online tutoring fees are paid monthly to you via PayPal. You will need to setup a PayPal account and notify us of your transaction details.

There is no cost to the tutor to register with We
work with you to encourage students to book time with you and when they
do, we collect all tutoring fees on your behalf. Our administration fee is 20%
to a maximum of $100 per month and 10% of tutoring fees per month